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Dina A. Mohamed is an artist and a researcher with a cross-disciplinary background who works through different mediums of video, performance, and writing. Her research and artistic practice are concerned with understanding the political despondency caused by complex intertwining structures of economics, politics, and information technology.


Her works revolve around themes such as Movement, Privilege, Class, Memory, and Violence, where she often starts from the personal experience to explore the intersubjective, and relatable as a way to analyse such complex structural systems and their impact on the individual.


She is currently busy with the question of how can individuals and groups regain political agency under the deterministic logic of technology and the overflow of information. More importantly, how can such information be turned into knowledge?


Dina holds an MA degree in Art Praxis from the Dutch Art Institute, ArtEZ University, NL; and a BA in philosophy from the American University in Cairo. She worked as a Human Rights advocate in Cairo, before leaving the country and shifting her path to art praxis. She is currently living in Amsterdam, NL.

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