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Al-Nitaq 2000-2001

A lecture-performance in collaboration with artist Shady El-Noshokaty.

The Lecture is based on a case study of Al-Nitaq Festival that took place in Cairo in 2000 & 2001


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"In the year 2000, with all the excitement accompanying the new millennium and all its promises, a group of private galleries in Egypt found it necessary to start an independent art festival, a series of events that sought to encourage and promote the latest artistic and cultural forms found at the time in Cairo. As it is almost impossible to pinpoint the beginning of what is called contemporary art in Egypt, I would like to propose Al-Nitaq for this case study as a possible start point. Al-Nitaq has been the most celebrated art-related event of the recent past, as it is believed that the festival succeeded in shedding light on new forms of art-making and encouraging a new understanding of art. The event created many heated debates around it, raising questions with regard to its organizers, the artists who participated, and the art that was produced during or for the festival."


Lecture Performance Full Video: here 

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