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Video Installation 


Once upon a time and place

Camels had a land and a base


Three Camels, Or Maybe More...

Took on a journey through land and sea.


A traveling story in three chapters

Adaptation - Integration - Assimilation

20230204 BTBB zaterdag © Alex Heuvink 00002.jpg
20230203 BTBB vrijdag © Alex Heuvink 00037.jpg

Inspired by the iron sculptures by Iris Le Rutte titled “Fata Morgana” in Wibautstraat, The work tells the fictional story of the movement of the camels from Egypt to Amsterdam paralleling my own movement to Amsterdam in a way to address concerns around immigration, movement and integration. The work’s starting point is the personal story and the relation to the 3 camels’ shadows, then it moves to explore wider understandings of movement, change and adaptation. It brings the political and the cultural in a way to question the human agency when put under changing conditions.

Presented in 2023 at byond The Balck Box Festival Amsterdam, 2021at Over Het JI 2021, as part of the Zeecontainer Program. 

images by Alex Heuvink, Courtesy of Beyond The Balck Box Festival

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