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Go there, I don't Know Where                                                                         
Bring Something, I Don't Know What                 

The privileging of a particular sense in the elaboration of a metaphysics is a well-known theme, and the sense that has been most privileged in Western thought has been ‘sight’. More broadly, there is a ‘hierarchy of the senses’ in classical, medieval, and early modern periods, which extols certain senses over others and sometimes promotes deliberate avoidance of sensory experience.


Practicing beyond the cinematic apparatus and inspired by the structure of a camera obscura, the year-long research of the COOP group Curating Positions: Logics of Montage investigates the denial of the image as a way of allowing other senses, perspectives, and feelings to arise. The final project takes the form of a durational performance manifested into different acts in addition to a satellite event in collaboration with the Cineteca Sarda.

Date: June 28, 2019

Students: Ciaran Wood, Clara Amaral, Clara Saito, Dina Mohamed, Vita Buyvid, Livio Casanova, Maxime Gourdon, Raphael Daibert, Sara Cattin, Vinita Gatne.

Tutors: Leon Filter, Leire Vergara and  Marwa Arsanios

Location: Ex Manifattura Tabacchi, Cagliari, Italy.

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