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Tracing Erased Memories A parallel City Walk

 In Collaboration with Artist Hilda Moucharrafieh 

Tracing Erased Memories is a multimedia walk that aims to connect cities and its residents' memories through upheavals and political struggles.


Winner of International Bursary Award at Amsterdam Fringe Festival, 2018

It is hard to keep some memories of our cities with the rapid and constant changing cityscape. The city changes and with it the traces of our struggles are slowly erased. 


Surviving violent political events change our relation to our home cities and our sense of belonging. Carrying with us our memories of failed revolution, uprising and war, we move to new cities. Looking into the history of our new home, we try to find stories we relate to. We see the the history of violence that shapes the city appearance. 

Through this project we intend to give voice to people who lived through upheavals and gained insight into how violence changes cities, their architecture and urban landscape. The project is also a way for us to come to grips with our personal history: from within the stories of others, thus finding a way to connect memories of social struggle across time and space.



Through the walk, participants get to experience the changing image of both cities in relation to different socio-political events. a one-on-one guided walk through one city while exchanging view with a person walking in another. With headphones and a tablet, The walk is layered with selected moments of history overlapping with the real-time experience.  The stories are personal recollections in the form of testimonies.

Amsterdam Cairo 

London Cairo 

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