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You're A Libra... Whether You Believe In Astrology Or  Not

A collaboration with artist Hilda Moucharrafieh 

The project revolves around a recent shift

towards the use of self-learning

algorithms by life insurance companies

in order to determine the pricing of life

insurance policies.

How does a self-learning algorithm price

our life depending on gender, race,

physical ability, and labor viability?

How does the logic of the algorithm categorize

us, and how does that influence our behavior

in complying with those categories whether

we believe in them or not?



Departing from personal experiences, this work evolves from exploring the relationship between life insurance policies and labor value, towards the influence of self-learning algorithms on the shaping of today’s valuation of life under hyper-capitalistic systems. In other words, to what extent does automation inform the individual of a certain view of life, which in itself is shaped by the existing prejudices of our cultures.

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